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We are glad to inform you that our website is introducing to help the students who are preparing for Govt. Job exams.
On this website, many useful and exam oriented Multiply choice Questions - Answers are available to students for free of cost.

For this initiative, we are inviting educators, students, teachers, educated housewife, retired persons to contribute in this journey of education to help the students.

We are paying for each submitted Question.

This is work from home.

General Instructions and T&C For Submission of Questions- 

1. Language of all questions and answers must be "Hindi" or "Hinglish" not completely "English".

2. All Questions must be free from plagiarism. Any copy paste work will not acceptable.

3. Minimum and Maximum 30 Questions is required to submit for every form Submission.

4. Payment Rate is Rs. 2/- for every 3 Questions accepted.

5. Payment will be released via paytm within 48 hours of each form Submission.

6. For any doubt or problem, mail us on our mail address - 


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कोई टिप्पणी नहीं:

टिप्पणी पोस्ट करें

हमारी वेबसाइट पर विजिट करने के लिए आपका बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद| इसी तरह के परीक्षा उपयोगी और ज्ञानवर्धक जीके क्वेश्चन आंसर के लिए हमारी वेबसाइट पर बने रहे|

यदि आपको हमारी वेबसाइट ( पर दिए गए किसी भी क्वेश्चन आंसर में कोई भी समस्या या आपत्ति हो तो हमें कमेंट बॉक्स के माध्यम से जरूर बताएं|

कृपया किसी भी तरह का स्पैम लिंक या अवैध कंटेंट कमेंट बॉक्स में ना डालें|


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